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From High School Students:

“His voice and knowledge resonated just as much as his beautiful instruments.”


H. Simich,  Senior

 “That was honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed. I saw him twice and he inspired me to be more serious in my guitar playing.”

C. Blair, Senior

“That inspired me to not only continue to improve my guitar skills but look forward to trying a harp guitar.”

S. Eastin, Sophomore


From Teachers and Program Directors:


"My middle school students LOVED Mr. Riley’s presentation! He shared his harp guitars with us in an engaging and interactive way. This presentation would be a great way to connect students to an often forgotten era of American music and a rare instrument that most people may never see in their lifetimes."


Bonnie Krider

Choral Director

Lee Middle School


"This program includes a great combination of information about harp guitars and how they relate to our history and to the music world. John Riley mesmerized the audience with a wonderful demonstration of harp guitars through the last century. I could have listened to him all day!"


Roni Tewksbury

Director, West Georgia Regional Library

Carrollton, GA


"A stunning presentation of instruments that we have never before seen nor heard. It was the best program that we have ever had."


Carolyn Fellows

Program Chair

Wesley Woods of Newnan


"A truly unique presentation on an instrument unknown to nearly all of us. John Riley’s program is a wonderful mix of information and music, accessible across a broad range of ages and interests."


Meg Jackson Clark

Central Library Adult Services

Coweta Public Library System


"I was blown away by the historical background as well the different sounds of the various harp guitars, each was so unique! I really thought they were going to sound like the combination of harps with guitars but it almost sounds like a combination of a bass with a 12 was very cool. You must check it out for yourself, and you will be so glad that you did!"


John Paul Hasick


Grady County Baptist Association

"John’s presentation is very engaging, educational and entertaining. He does a fantastic job of connecting the history and story behind his instruments to the music that instrument was made to play. We loved his presentation!"


Eric Worrell

Griffin Rotary Club

"From the moment John Riley began his presentation to his final strum across the strings of his beautiful harp guitars, he had the attention of all his audience members, young and old. Through his performance and discussion, he inspired the students to learn more about music history as well as pursuing their passion and their art. Mr. Riley is a true educator and entertainer. He is simply amazing!"


Darilyn Esterline

Whitewater High School Orchestra and Guitar Teacher

“The students and staff at Roswell HS thoroughly enjoyed the presentation about harp guitars! John Riley was fantastic with the students and provided an entertaining, historical, and interesting demonstration for the music classes. Everyone had something to learn and gain from that very musical experience! Thank you, John!”


Sarah White-Farnell

Orchestra teacher at Roswell High School

"Harp Guitars: A Musical Journey is a great presentation about the origin and modern existence of an amazing instrument.  My students aren't exposed to other musicians/ styles of music as I'd like them to be and having John come in was a great way to bridge that gap.  He had great anecdotes, performed several songs for the students, and was very organized with his set-up and presentation in general.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to motivate their students or simply expose their students to a unique instrument with a really cool sound."


Phoebe Clark

Orchestra teacher, Discovery High School



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